Ultrasonic Cleaner


             Bsonic Technology (Thailand) Co., Ltd. to produce and design machine washable material with ultra-sonic (Ultrasonic cleaner machine) We have after-sales service. Test and repair parts washers Ultra Sonic Brand we have experts Ultrasonic consultation with the cleaning process. To all customers So that all customers get the greatest satisfaction in the product. And our services Every team will develop products and services to enhance the quality and efficiency to your business forever.

             Our Ultrasonic cleaners include the same high power, rugged transducers found on industrial systems sold to the automotive, electronics, and metalworking industries. They are portable. These Ultrasonic Cleaners use engineered ceramics to assure both durability and superior power. Ultrasonic Cleaners are coupled with a new sweep frequency capability, so you get the best possible cleaning every time, all the time.


Applications : 

             •   Electronic Industry for delicate parts

             •   Dental office and Laboratories

             •   Jewelry Industry for intricate parts

             •   Hospitals and Medical Facilities

             •   Industrial Manufacturing

             •   Auto Industry for rugged parts

             Ultrasonic technology uses sound waves and solvents to clean a broad range of products from various industries.
Our products are used by Automotive industry to clean carburetors, by Electronic industry to clean PC boards,
by Dentist and Hospitals to clean instruments, by Jewelry manufactures to clean precious metal and gemstones
and many other Industrial and Service companies.

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