Hydrocarbon Ultrasonic Washing system


Hydrocarbon cleaning is the ideal choice to replace ODS material cleaning. It can effectively complete the cleaning and drying of precision parts, especially all type small parts such as iron, steel, aluminum and copper etc.


Product Features

• Mainly suitable for organic removal such as cutting oil, press oil, etc.
• Equipped with UP/DOWN function, ultrasonic, heater in the cleaning tank.
• Vacuum distillation with chiller unit for hydrocarbon solvent recycling possible connect by Option.



Machine Size :                        2050L X 1300W X 1200H
Basket Size :                           350L X 350W X 250H
Ultrasonic Tank No.1,2 :         500W, 28kHz, 220V. 50Hz
Heater Tank No.1,2 :              2Kw, 220V. 50Hz
Up&Down Arm No.1,2 :          Yes
Filtering Tank No.2 :               Pump + Filter 250 mm.
Tank No.3 (Hot-Air Dry) :       Temperature 90 -120 C



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