The SFX250 and SFX550 are part of the new SFX Series of Sonifiers from Branson, designed  to bring the industry’s most advanced sample-processing capabilities to your laboratory. The SFX Series brings a new level of ease, precision, and repeatability with advanced energy and temperature control modes, process monitoring capabilities, and programming features.


Sonifier SFX250 and SFX550 Features


•  Advanced energy control mode delivers precise energy input in continuous or pulse modes.

•  True temperature control manages sample temperature within user-specified limits  (requires separate temperature probe).

•  Control modes include time, temperature, and energy.

•  Continuous or pulsed ultrasonics.

•  High efficiency, stand-mountable converter requires no internal cooling.

• Scrollable, multi-function screen with pushbuttons.

•  In-process feedback displays experimental progress together with key variables such as  power level, energy usage, and sample temperature.

•  Microtip mode limits amplitude to 70% to extend tool life.

• Amplitude control range from 10 to 100%.

• Powerful 20 kHz ultrasonics.

•  Up to 20 stored programs. Programmable parameters include  continuous or pulsed ultrasonics; time, energy, or temperature  control modes; pulse on-time/energy, off-time and total  on-time/energy; or amplitude as a percentage.


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