Ultrasonic Measurement


Ultrasonic sound pressure meter (Ultrasonic meter)

By using the ultrasonic sound pressure meter (Ultrasonic Meter) USM - 015,
the sound pressure in the ultrasonic cleaning tank which changes with various
factors can be evaluated relative. Simply measure the sound pressure level
simply by placing the tip of the rod-shaped sensor in the cleaning liquid.
It can be used for cleaning quality control and laboratory use in laboratories.



Product features

 • Easy-to-read digital display

The sound pressure in the ultrasonic cleaning tank is displayed digitally easily. A bar graph is also displayed.

 • Auto ranging function of measurement value

The display of mV / V is automatically switched according to the measured value and displayed.

 • Battery-powered Handy Type

Because it is battery operated, it can be used without connecting to AC power (continuous use time about 8 hours). It is easy to carry.

 • Battery alarm

When the remaining battery power becomes low, it will be notified by turning on the alarm lamp.

 • Measurable frequency

Frequency measurement from 10 kHz to 2 MHz is possible.




Measurement frequency:      10 kHz to 2 MHz

Power supply:                       Battery (4 AA batteries)

Power consumption:             1.2 W

Body dimensions:                 95 (W) x 46 (D) x 158 (H) mm *

Overall sensor length:          450 mm (cable 1.5 m)

Body weight  :                      410 g (including battery)

Sensor (SUS 316):               260 g

Measurement type
Absolute value (probe detection voltage: relative value **)

* Dimensions excluding protrusions such as connectors and switches
** Absolute sound pressure value can not be measured for probe detection voltage measurement



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