Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaner


Branson’s 8200 Series generator is dedicated to low-frequency
ultrasonic cleaning, and offers the essential features necessary
for most precision cleaning applications.Used with a standalone
cleaning tank, or a fully-integrated cleaning system, the 8200
Series generator will deliver precise cleaning quickly,
consistently, and cost-effectively.


Product Features

 • Line/load regulation compensates for liquid level and temperature changes as well as line voltage and load variations
 • True variable power control makes the cavitational intensity (not duty cycle) infinitely and linearly variable from 20% to 100%
 • Sweep frequency minimizes standing waves and improves ultrasonic activity distribution
 • Auto tuning maintains optimum operating frequency around your application
 • I/O interface permits remote on/off control of the generator
 • Safety features to protect the generator include over-temperature, overload, open circuit, and short circuit



Element Configurations :  12, 18, 24, 36, 48
Input Voltage :  187V to 240V, 50/60Hz
Output Frequency :  27kHz, or 38kHz 
Regulatory Approval :  FCC and cTUV
Dimensions Weight : 
44.5 x 42.7 x 14 cm





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