Ultrasonic Transducer Element


The purpose of most ultrasonic transducers is to convert electrical energy to acoustic energy, do something useful with the acoustic energy, and convert the acoustic energy back into electrical energy. The conversion of electrical energy to acoustic (and vice versa) is a function of the piezoelectric element.


Ultrasonic Cleaning Transducer Structure



Main Features

  • High efficiency: high mechanical parameter Q, the transduction efficient between electricity and sound above 95%.
  • Good heat resistance: a large range of working temperature, low resonance impedance and heat productivity.
  • Good construction: fastened by bolt, easy for assembling, high reliability.
  • High amplitude: the transducer strength is improved by fixing the high speed vibrator directly on the base of washing groove with bolt.
  • Compare with a magnetic expansion vibrator, its amplitude can be improved above 50%.




                                            Model BS-2560     Model BS-4050                                                                              

Frequency:                          25KHz ±1 KHz       40KHz ±1 KHz
Power:                                 60w                        50w
Capacity:                             5400pf (pzt4)          4100pf (pzt4) 
Radiating surface:               59mm                     45mm
Resonance Resistance:      10-20Ω                   10-20Ω
Piezoceramics size:            38*15*5                  35*15*5
Length:                                77mm                     54mm
Power Supply Input:            220V~240V AC      220V~240V AC 
Weight:                                540g/pcs                300g/pcs












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